Balcony fall death recorded as open verdict


The cause of death of a young British holiday maker that plunged from a balcony located in the Rincon de Loix area of Benidorm has been recorded as an open verdict. 


The tragedy which occurred in November 2016, saw 21 year old Danielle Hall from the Hexham area in the UK travel to Benidorm along with her boyfriend Jordan Bevan and his grandmother. 


They were staying at the Bermudas apartment complex located along the Avenida de Estocolmo, where Danielle fell from the balcony of their apartment shortly after returning that evening after being out with her boyfriend Jordan.


Danielle’s fatal fall saw Jordan explain to officers she went out on the balcony where he thought she was going for a cigarette, where he then heard a bang or a thud and found Danielle on the floor.


The investigation carried out into Danielle’s death was recorded as an open verdict by coroner Eric Armstrong.   


The verdict which incorporated reports from the Spanish authorities into Danielle’s saw Armstrong conclude “we don’t have any accounts or information telling us how she fell from the balcony”. 


“It is most likely to be that she had a drink, she was a bit unsteady, went for a cigarette and lost her balance and fell”.

“If this is right, there’s no supportive evidence for it.  I cannot say it was an accident.  What is left is an open conclusion”.


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